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At Cantech Automotive we have earned a reputation as a shop with integrity that provides quality service, customer satisfaction and technical expertise for high performance automobiles. We have partnered with two of the industry’s top tuners to help you get the most out of your car.

APR and Dinan are recognized leaders in performance modification software and hardware for your Audi, VW, Porsche and BMW. Contact us today at 315-452-1168 or via email at to set up an appointment to take your car to the next level.


Cantech offers the full line of APR products. We can help you take the performance of your Audi, VW or Porsche to the next level. Whether it is a software upgrade to maximize the performance of your ECU, or a power upgrade from the install of improved APR internal engine components, Cantech can take your car to new highs.
Contact Cantech Automotive today to learn about the many APR options and available upgrades for your car.


BMW is known as the Ultimate Driving Machine. We can make it even better. Dinan is known worldwide as the premier tuning partner for BMW. With Dinan ECU, software, exhaust and suspension upgrades, Cantech will turn your BMW into a completely new machine. Even better, Dinan components do not affect the BMW warranty. We have years of experience working on all models of BMWs and Dinan has performance upgrades to match. Together we can transform your car into a faster, louder and better handling machine.

Contact Cantech Automotive today to learn about the many Dinan options and available upgrades for your car.

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