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Myth: “If I don’t go to the dealership, my warranty will be voided”

Fact: From an article in the New York Times: “In most cases, no. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 — which applies to all sorts of products, not just cars — ensures that except in rare instances, a dealer must honor the warranty.” Using non-OEM parts or performance modifications may void the warranty, but that is also true if the dealer does the install.

*New York Times:

Myth: Only dealerships have properly trained service technicians.

Fact: Cantech Automotive’s technicians are nationally certified by ASE and BOSCH. All of our techs started their careers training and working at dealerships. If anything, they are even more highly trained now because Cantech services such a wide variety of vehicles and not just one brand.

Myth: Only the dealership has the special tools my car needs.

Fact: Not true. Cantech Automotive invests heavily in the latest diagnostic equipment. We also have specific tool sets needed to work on everything from Fords to Ferrari’s. We service all cars with factory approved tools and equipment. Will there be some rare exceptions? Sure. But for 99% of our customers’ service needs, we have the right tools for the job.

Myth: “The dealership will be less expensive. You guys work on Ferraris, I don’t want to pay those rates on my car.”

Fact: Cantech Automotive has a different price structure for each brand of car. A Ford Taurus will not need the special tools and diagnostics of a supercar, so we charge a lower rate. Call for an estimate and an hourly rate on your vehicle to see the value Cantech offers.

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