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Sharkwerks 997 Turbo X Pipe installation

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Sharkwerks 997 Turbo X Pipe installation

We are fortunate to have clients that share our passion for performance automobiles. This past season, one of them commissioned us to install a Sharkwerks X-pipe. It is near impossible to argue that there’s a better sounding engine note below eight cylinders that’s not a Porsche.  It’s only logical to enhance that sound and free up a couple ponies with a freer flowing exhaust.

turbo impeller

Here you can see the bare turbo impeller without the catalytic converter. Oxygen sensors are above.

For a turbo Porsche, a sensible compromise between aural manners, performance and cost would be to replace the resonator (muffler) after the catalytic converters with straight, or X pipes.

997 resonator tips

This system maintains the factory mounting points and geometry. The resonator tips can be reused.

It is no secret turbocharged vehicles benefit greatly from a free flowing exhaust downstream from the turbo.  It is important to remember the exhaust note can become unfavorably aggressive depending on what you choose to replace.

Sharkwerks Xpipe

The Sharkwerks system is made entirely of T304 stainless steel with smooth mandrel bends and fits the factory catalytic converters.

The Sharkwerks kit installs using factory clamps and mounting points, and has the all important 50-state stamp of approval.  It deserves repeating that this includes California, where it was made. Not only will it reward you with a noticeable horsepower gain,  it looks great and gives the exhaust note a little more aggressiveness.  It also relieves the rear end of up to eight pounds.

997 muffler

The stock muffler creates a hot spot in the center of the muffler, as seen on the 997′s stock piece

Relieving backpressure can help increase turbo spool. The reason the pipes don’t make a shorter trip from the cat straight to the resonator tips is to maintain velocity of the exhaust gas pulses; where the negative pressure behind each pulse helps to expedite the exhaust gasses. Equally important on a street system, there is no mind numbing interior drone at freeway speeds- a common problem with some systems.

Like any muffler, the stock resonator uses a series of maze-like baffling and insulation for an agreeable engine note. Unfortunately some liken the stock sound to that of a vacuum cleaner. Our client is extremely pleased his 997 no longer suffers from such a malady, the new sound is great!

997 factory intercooler

Here you can see the factory intercooler ducting exit through the lower rear fender vents.

997 intercooler

On the right side you can see the factory catalytic converter removed from the turbo impeller housing

997 stock turbocharger

Stock turbocharger diameter is adequately large. The addition of the Xpipes will allow them to spool faster.

sharkwerks final

The finished product. Due to the quality of this piece you can re use the stock resonator tips, or any aftermarket set you like. For your aural pleasure we recommend viewing before and after videos found within the Sharkwerks user forums.