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Ferrari F430 Challenge

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Ferrari F430 Challenge

Ferrari F430 Challenge

At Cantech, we love a good racing Ferrari. The engine’s idling sound is an occupational reward, and hearing a racing Ferrari in full song at your local road course is evidence that there is nothing like a Ferrari!

Challenge stradaleThe suspension has been purpose built for competition with retuned dampers, stiffer springs and modified torsion bars. This car was so low our 1.5” trailer ramps had some difficulty fitting under the car!

This Challenge GT is different from an “average” Scuderia. It has a different level of preparation and engineering, and it is eligible to compete in several classes of racing, including SCCA’s Trans Am 1&2, NASA’s Pro Challenge and Pro Touring, and Ferrari club events. This one benefits from additional downforce elements in the rear wing and front splitter. This particular racer has been put to good use on our local, legendary road courses of Watkins Glen International and Lime Rock Park.


ferrari Sparco SeatsNew Sparco Evo III vs Stock seats

The Ferrari came to us for a full systems work over before the pending track season. It was also refitted with improved, more comfortable FIA approved EVO racing seats from Sparco. The EVO 3 is 2 ½ inches wider than the standard seat and requires different seat brackets as they may not always fit with standard units. Like the Ferraris previously featured on this site, this Challenge incorporates steel rotors from GiroDisc, instead of the factory carbon units, for the braking system. This change not only provides factory-like braking feel and stability, but it also improves the service life and offers cost savings. This F430 is currently wearing 19” Hoosier slicks on center mounted wheels.


A significant amount of the weight savings is from full lexan glass treatment and spartan race interior. Additional weight savings can be found in the engine bay with a Carbon fiber intake cover and other components.

Ferrari 430 interiorAt 2700 lbs dry, a Challenge Ferrari weighs at least 200 pounds less than the standard F430. The Challenge Ferrari’s light weight helps it achieve a top speed of 198 mph and a better power to weight ratio than that of a Z06 Corvette. The electronic gearbox on the F430 Challenge is derived from Ferrari’s F1 efforts: the gearbox has improved engine software which cuts shift times to a mere 60 milliseconds. To extract maximum performance, the fifth and sixth gear ratios have also been modified along with the final drive. Ferrari claims it is faster than an Enzo around their Fiorano proving grounds.

Other racing refinements includes quick release steering wheel with pit lane speed sensor and radio communication. What really sets this racer apart from other factory specials is the pit lane race telemetry monitoring and pneumatic racing jack system as shown on the likes of champ and IRC cars.

Challenge StradaleThe project did not take long to complete, and we were sad to see the car leave our shop. Every glance at the Challenge GT was another opportunity to admire a different facet of precision. Hearing it start up, clear its throat, and vibrate the entire building on its way to its trailer early one morning was all that was needed for the beginnings of a good day at Cantech. With the new racing season drawing closer, we are enthusiastic about helping track enthusiasts prepare and maintain their cars.

Challenge Stradale RearThe exhaust outlet has been changed to a center exit, allowing for a more comprehensive air diffuser in the rear and improving engine bay cooling.

Challenge Stradale Rear WingCantech’s own FAQ sheet by our owner. We receive many beautiful driving machines however a Ferrari never fails to inspire awe…or a lot of questions.